Day 1 in Himachal: Visit Prashar Lake

After a 12-hour bus journey from Delhi to Mandi, we were finally in Himachal. It was about 6:30/7 in the morning and we were in love with the fog, both the one that surrounded us and ones we made with our lungs.


Picture’s slightly blurry, cause we were shivering.

From there we set out in a small traveler van that took us on a long-winding uphill route  to Prashar Lake.


The additional uphill climb takes 20 minutes, though I took 40 instead.

We made it to the top from where we could see the pristine Prashar Lake.

Parashar Top.JPG

The Lake is situated at a height of 2730 meters above the sea level!

It was a little difficult to breathe. So, pro tip – carry camphor in a tiny cloth and inhale it whenever you feel breathless, it sure did help us.

Back to the lake.

Apparently, no one knows how deep the Prashar Lake really is, and there’s a floating moss island within it!


There’s a 13th century three-storied temple that resembles a Pagoda and there are many legends that tie it back to the events of the Mahabharata. When we stepped in, we kept jumping from tile to tile; the ones that faced direct sunlight were burning hot while the others were ice cold.

inside temple.JPG

This is what the inside of the temple looked like.

carekeeper home.jpg

And the care keepers as well as locals lived in such houses.

group pic.jpg

Me with eyes closed, typical.  Picture Courtesy – Dipti.


Remember Neha’s death defying poses? Here’s one.

Everything was so peaceful up there.


Like these views


I mean look at those cows grazing


Our steaming hot Maggie

Boo boo.JPG

And this boo boo for company 🙂

We just wanted to sit here and camp.*

But we headed back to Kasol for the evening, shopped and visited adorable little cafes.

*Our aching legs were a major influence.