For the Love of Food: My Week in Himachal

I don’t even know where to begin.

I’m kidding, I know exactly where – the Snickers Chapati!

The first night we were at Tosh, there was no electricity and we were super hungry. The chef of the homestay made this delicious midnight snack in minutes and we were hooked. Each of us had at least 4 of them during our entire stay in Tosh.

The simplicity of this dish is what hits your sweet spot. What you want to taste is the crunchiness of the chapati and the bar of pure melted Snickers!

Pro-tip – Dig into this within seconds, or else it’ll become ice-cold thanks to the temperature!


Yes, what you see here is a deep-fried Snickers bar.

Since Kasol was our base camp, we visited many cafes there. But the Momos from a street stall near the main market was definitely our comfort food.


Steaming hot plate of Momos!

The owners of this stall are a couple that have lived in Kasol all their life. Every single day they’d faithfully get up at 4 a.m. to make the dough – for both the momos and Thukpa. Irrespective if it was 10 or minus 10 degrees Celsius!



The husband is in charge of making the hand-pulled noodles, while the wife makes the broth.

Oh, and for those who don’t know, Thukpa is this soul-pleasing Himalayan noodle soup.


Ours was the chicken variant with lean pieces of chicken.

Back then, we couldn’t do without the ginger, honey and lemon tea (sans milk). Every day, most of us ended up having at least two glasses. We were told that it’s the local’s go-to drink to fight cold and flu. So, there we were gripping the glass full of hope. Oh, and it did work.

Besides the medicinal ginger, honey and lemon tea; we also loved every glass of Nutella milk!IMG_7932.JPG

What you are about to see exotic breakfast plates, pizza and beverages from this place called Little Italy in Kasol. I would highly recommended visiting this place at least once. (We dropped by twice!)


I ordered an Israeli-style breakfast known as kibbutz.

What you can see is a Middle-Eastern dish called Shakshouka, which is essentially eggs poached in a tangy tomato concoction. The breakfast plate included hummus, tehina, pita bread and a fresh-cut salad.

Along with that I had this excellent cup of mint tea!


That’s me trying to thaw my fingers!


This was a classic Mexican breakfast plate with garlic bread, a tomato and olive salad and of course the classic Mexican omelette.

This joint has so much to offer! I personally loved their Israeli cuisine (Did you know that Kasol is popularly known as Mini Israel? Majorly because so many people from Israel have been taking refuge here), but they have everything under the sun. From Italian, German, Nepalese to Indian cuisine! The ambiance was pleasant and they served us warm glasses of water – something that no other place did.


The classic Italian pizza was loaded with olives, spinach, corn and cheese!


I was in heaven with this potent Irish coffee that was topped with a dollop of whipped cream!

Most of the milkshakes here are based on chocolate bars and biscuits. Like Snickers milkshake, Twix milkshake, Oreo milkshake, you get the picture. Boy do the people here love their Nutella and Snickers.

If there’s one thing that the people of Himachal should be proud of, I think its their love for making the best crepes, waffles and pancakes. I’ve uploaded a video of that on my Instagram, do check it out! Here are few quick glimpses of some of the other dishes.


Overloaded waffles at Moon Dance Café.


Stuffed chocolate pancakes at Café Rio.


Falafel at Café Moon Dance.


Chicken Schnitzel at Café Moon Dance.

Our stomachs were quite demanding after all the trekking in Himachal and each place really surprised us! From lasagna to butter chicken, you’ll get a lot of options here.

But every meal ended with a cup of hot steaming tea!


So, you see there’s really so much more than just Maggie with a view 🙂