Hikka Tranz By Cinnamon: Beachside Hotel Review

Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon is downright one of the best beachside hotels in Sri Lanka. From the vibrant décor to the brilliant spread, I loved every bit of it.

Every thing was a piece of art. The wooden roofs and benches with plush hot-pink-coloured cushions…


At Hikka Tranz By Cinnamon, here’s where your welcome drink waits for you!

Whether it was the reception…


This open to sky space…


Or the graffiti and murals that line the walls of Hikka Tranz, which to me was a celebration of people, all kinds of people, who are always welcome with open hearts.


Neha loved every bit of the art installations!

After a 2-hour long drive from Colombo to Hikkaduwa, we were finally going to begin our holiday by the beach. The drive was fun and we crossed tiny towns that bustled with the locals going about their daily routine. When we entered Hikkaduwa, we understood why it was a tourist hub. Its easier to get to different places like Galle, Mirrisa and Unawatuna from here. There are many local cafes and shops to explore as soon as you step out of the hotel, only if you wish to leave this haven.

Cause honestly, who’d want to leave a room like this?!


Each room has a private balcony, and yes that’s where our after-party was at! The décor of the room was stylish yet comfortable, and as soon as I stepped out into the balcony, the sea breeze kissed my chubby cheeks, as the crystal-clear Indian ocean invited us for a dip.


But first, the pool!


That oh-so-tempting pool and me 🙂

The Hikka Tranz Pool is perfect for floating, all I could see were the star-top palm trees and the clear sky changing colours, from blue and orange to a pinkish mauve.


My lovelies!

We walked by the shore and setting sun; after a quick shower we were back for the FOOOOOOOD.


Food at Tranzfusion

Tranzfusion is the hotel’s main restaurant that offers Sri Lankan as well as the best international delicacies you can possibly think of. You can choose to sit indoors, but we knew that outdoors was definitely a better option where the sound of crashing ocean waves was music to our ears.

At this international buffet dinner (for just $20), we tried almost every cuisine. From Lebanese Hummus and Pita to Baba Ghanoush, Green and Black olives to Japanese Seafood buns and at least 30 different types of bread; this buffet was my paradise.


The name says it all!

We tried the traditional Sri Lankan cuisine and it was absolutely divine.


Here are 9 different chutneys and accompaniments. My favourites were papadam and Seeni Sambhol – a sweet and spicy onion relish!

Want a closer look?


Sinhalese Chutneys are spot on!

String hoppers, Kiri Hodai and fish curry were my all-time-favourite here. With some coconut sambol and papadam, I could see myself whipping some of these flavourful dishes back home in India too.


Fish curry, different chutneys, sambar curry, rice, papadam and veggies!

From chicken, pork and beef to a live pasta and shawarma station, Chinese noodles, grilled Mexican fish to spaghetti and meatballs; you name it and ta-da!


Pineapple and chicken relish in the centre, some blue cheese, grilled and deep fried fish, black and white sesame seed bread, noodles – the world on my plate!

Some classic salads – I know these might not be the best pictures, but none of us could wait any longer. We ended up eating a lot more, because there was absolutely no soda in the food! Just good food, most of it being healthy and wholesome. (except the desserts 😛 more of that in 30 seconds!)


There were some interesting cocktail shooters – dragon-fruit, cherry, mango and chili.


But the best kind of cocktail, was the salad cocktail. Yes, a live station and you get to be a part of the experience.


We just randomly added mango and beans, cucumber, vinaigrette, parmesan cheese and a dozen of other things, thinking that this is going to be the worst salad in the history of salads, but to our surprise it tasted divine. I’m as surprised as you!


Lets move on to the desserts? Cause these pictures are making me extremely hungry, again! *After a quick snack* , I’m skipping right to them.


The chocolate mousse, kiwi swissroll, cheesecake, apple and walnut cupcake and tiramisu were the highlights.

For some reason, even their ice-cream tasted better!


Look, who’s hungry!


After some lovely pineapple crumble pie, we started exploring the rest of the resort. We sneaked into this banquet hall, no points for guessing the bride’s favourite colour!


Who knew I’d catch a glimpse of the Sri Lankan couple the next morning. Their attire was regal and the bride’s gown was filled with stunning pearls!

There are tons of places to lounge here and a gym if you’ve eaten too much. (Nope, didn’t enter it!)


After some peaceful sleep, we got up to that blissful view and walked by the beach to build up an appetite. Because it was time for breakfast!


I tried passion-fruit for the first time, it was slightly sour but definitely exotic. Star fruit and pineapple were my favourites throughout the trip.


Fruits by the ocean!


This was the real deal, authentic Sinhalese food to start the day on a delicious note!


Dhal, grilled fish and chicken, sambhols, string hoppers, rice cake, Kiri hodi and so on.

But since this was an international buffet with all-you-can-eat Nutella, I needed to satiate the craving.


Lotus root, bacon, some cured fish, sugar donut, waffles and pancakes!

The pancakes were the highlight of our breakfast, do not miss them!

God be praised my belly is raised – I definitely needed a quick nap after this.


Guess who else lives here! There are dozens of squirrels running about and kids just love them!


People like to swim and surf in the sea here, though December is supposed to be the best time for that.


I know I know, never enter the water with your phone and slippers, but hey the wave just surprised us there! Oh, and I almost lost a slipper, right after this picture was taken!

Will be back with things to do in Sri Lanka! 🙂