Terrariums: Enchanting Miniature Garden

“Gardens are not made by singing ‘Oh, how beautiful,’ and sitting in the shade.” – Rudyard Kipling

“Except for this one of course” – Me

Terrariums are great, If

  • You are bored at home, and miss stepping out
  • Your existing garden is overflowing, but your heart isn’t satisfied

Things you need to build a Terrarium –

  • A glass or fish bowl
  • Different types of succulents
  • Eco-friendly porous soil like Soilrite
  • Peat-based potting mix
  • Miniature ceramic figurines
  • Pebbles, a few different kinds
  • Activated charcoal
  • Gargoti Flintstone, optional
  • Dropper to water the succulents

Steps to creating a Terrarium are both therapeutic and simple!

Perfect DIY activity with kids at home
  • Add a layer of pebbles (Since a terrarium has no drainage hole, this will allow for excess water to seep through and settle at the bottom. If the succulents need it, they will find their way).
  • Then add a layer of activated charcoal to ensure the Terrarium is fresh
  • Layer it with another set of pebbles
  • Add the Peat-based potting mix followed by a layer of porous soil
  • Now’s the fun part, express yourself and test your landscaping skills. I went with the flow and arranged the succulents, pebbles, miniature ceramic figurines and ta-da!
  • To add some rock-solid nostalgia, I added a Gargoti Flintstone right in the centre (To remind me of my childhood, when I lived in Devlali, where we’d scout for mesmerising stones along the riverside).

My learnings about building a Terrarium –

  • If you’re going to place the Terrarium in the corner of a house, try to create some depth like the ‘hills’. So that the front is lower, and back is higher, you can do this by placing an additional layer of soil to lend some height. You can arrange the taller succulents at the back and the shorter ones right in the front. This allows for more drama.
  • However, if you’re going to place the Terrarium in the centre of the room, then you can maintain it all at one level and peeping in from the top is very enchanting too.
  • Using a dropper to water the succulents is better, because no water splashes on the glass bowl, so plus points for long-term maintenance.
  • You can choose the embellishments based on your theme. Use seashells, miniature homes, sand, etc. to add your own little story.

Tips to water and maintain your Terrarium –

  • Don’t place the terrarium in direct sunlight, as the glass might get extra heated and dry the succulents out
  • Water once/twice a week, just enough to keep the soil moist and not soaking wet
  • Pro-tip: When planting the succulents, keep some of the original soil, so that the roots of the delicate succulent don’t go in a state of shock.

But first, why make a Terrarium?

  • The botanical wonder is great to spruce up your home, and occupies very little space and attention!
  • Is a great housewarming gifting option to show you care, as it symbolises growth, self-sufficiency, sturdiness and prosperity
  • Can be a magical table centre piece for weddings, or even double up as a wedding gift
  • Apt for your office/work from home desk (No excuses this time, say hello to the constant reminder for you to take those 20-second breaks by staring right into your terrarium).

So, there you go, almost all you need to know about creating your own terrarium.